” I believe in love and peace…”


“At the moment, I am a person who believe that I’m more than just the dark-skinned body with curly hair that I live in. It only plays a role as it has to be in harmony with my spirit and soul, in order for me to be happy. I believe in inspiration, as I would certainly crumble without it. I want to constantly learn and create new things. I believe that we all have the power to control our own destinies and should make the most of it. We shouldn’t be so quick to point our fingers at others, but reflect on ourselves – because that’s where power is. I believe in love and peace and justice and try not to focus on things that I’m against. I believe in the law of resonance.”

Thanks a lot to Terri Rogers for the interview on mixedremixed.org! Here you can read the whole interview with me (in German and English): http://www.mixedremixed.org/esther-donkor-krauselocke-rough-hair/

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